Exciting Lists for the Little Ones!

Nov 12th 2023

Exciting Lists for the Little Ones!

What Makes Our Books “Good?”

Ignatius Book Fairs recognizes the need for good books to be made available to all ages and has started this journey in grade schools by offering book fairs, however, the question still remains: What makes a book, a good book?

Fr. Fessio offers an answer to this question, stating“a good book means a book which is well written and provides you with a narrative that engages the reader on a level of artistic goodness. We also believe that good books are written from a perspective of moral rectitude that will form the heart as well as the mind and help to develop the character of the reader.” President Middendorf concludes this answer, “A good book should enlighten the mind, touch the heart, and strengthen the will to flourish as a Christian.”

Choosing the Right Books for Your Children

Ignatius Book Fairs aim to provide engaging and virtuous literature to all ages. To make this process of finding not only good books, but the right books for your own child easier, the Ignatius Book Fair team has compiled a variety of book lists with a great range of material for ages 3-5 and 6-7, with more to come! The Ignatius Book Fair strives to provide each and every child with the best content for the formation of their individual mind, heart, and soul and we find that having access to these book lists begins the path to achieving this goal. It goes without saying that every child is uniquely made and therefore deserves to find the books that will feed their personal growth and we hope you find that the Ignatius Book Fairs and complementary book lists, found on the website, do just that!