Going to Battle for Our Children

Nov 12th 2023

Going to Battle for Our Children

Entering the Front Lines

Parents are told to start reading to their children as infants. Why? Because the roots of language are developing in an infant’s brain long before they can talk; the more words that an infant listens to, the more words they will learn.With these gifts of speaking and listening, what we teach our kids and what we feed their imagination with, will become the future of our world and it all starts in our literature.

Scholastic has got a venerable history of providing great literature and now are not as trusted a resource as they have been in the past through their newer material. The bishops are now turning where they can find a trusted resource and Ignatius Press is one of those publishers that has always been trusted, which makes it the perfect publisher for Ave Maria University to partner with on this journey of formational revival, beginning with the youth.”  (President Middendorf)

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Currently in Catholic grade schools, Scholastic has 95% of the market share, promoting materials such as “My Moms Love Me,” “Melissa,” and “The Witch Boy,” which highlight LGBTQIA+ voices and witchcraft to children starting from the age of 5 years old. Unlike Scholastic, Ignatius Book Fairs offer a Christian alternative that is unparalleled to any known book fair, with books like “The Adventures of Loupio,” and “Francis,” teaching lessons of faith, hope, and charity to children, also starting at the age of 5 years old!

The attack on the innocence of children has become almost omnipresent and we wanted to use our resources to provide young people with good, wholesome literature and give them a love for reading. At the same time, we want to provide what no other book fair provides, namely, the best in Christian literature for young people that will form them in ways that they will build upon throughout their life.”  (Fr. Fessio)

Keeping a mission-oriented mind is essential to the success of the Ignatius Book Fair. The Book Fair team understands not only the importance but the urgency of this mission and are willing and ready to enter into this battle, and we hope that you are too!